An Explanation of Truck Repair Company Services

Modern life requires reliable methods of transportation. Trucks are a huge part of that. Without these massive vehicles carrying valuable cargo to destinations across the country and throughout the globe, people wouldn’t have nearly as much access to the goods they use every day. In order to get everything where it has to go on time, truck drivers have to prioritize External link opens in new tab or windowcommercial truck and trailer repair in Minot, ND. If there are any noticeable troubles with a truck or it’s just been a long time since its last service, 24-hour commercial vehicle repair is a fantastic resource. Here’s what you need to know about commercial trucks repair by leading auto specialists, particularly when it’s time to bring a truck in for maintenance.

Car Repairman Fixing Truck Tire 

Stubborn Shifting

Commercial vehicle repair should be a truck driver’s first stop if they are having difficulties shifting. It’s important to keep in mind that trucks are extremely intricate, with many components working together to keep the vehicle moving and the engine running. Repairing damage to the clutch is one of the biggest requirements for truck service, and this need often arises after driving big trucks in heavy traffic with lots of stopping and starting. This constant shifting into different gears can wear down the clutch, and if left unaddressed, may require a full replacement rather than a repair.

Grinding Gears


Another aspect of truck repair service is fixing the bearings that keep the entire system running smoothly. While it’s not ideal if the truck is slow to move into a different gear, it’s also not a great sign if the clutch pedal makes a grinding noise every time it’s pushed down. This indicates that the clutch is worn down and the bearings are faulty, which requires the experience and expertise of a mechanic. Truck drivers should always have a mechanic’s number on hand in case they hear these grinding noises and need to get the clutch checked out as soon as possible. Sometimes, a truck may need its clutch bearings serviced before it can return to the road safely. When in doubt, it’s always best to ask a mechanic and get a professional opinion on the truck’s current condition. At the end of the day, being proactive about truck maintenance and preventative service allows trucks to stay on the road for longer and avoid major disruptions to their journey, making it a win-win situation for trucking companies and customers.

Unusual Smell


In addition to difficult shifting and grinding noise, truck drivers also need to pay attention to a burning smell, which is a major sign that something is out of the ordinary. Although the smell of exhaust and gas is normal with a truck and its huge engine, the smell of burning rubber is not something to take lightly. That strong, unmistakable scent is a clear indication that the clutch needs to be repaired or replaced as quickly as possible. Clutch failure and brake failure go hand in hand, and these issues need to be fixed before they turn into a more costly problem. Truck repair companies can provide time estimates of how long it will take to resolve clutch failures so that everyone can stay informed of the progress and the new arrival time.

The sooner a truck is repaired by licensed professionals, the better. Don’t let maintenance issues stop you from hitting the road and getting the job done, call NSDA today for the best services including External link opens in new tab or windowroadside commercial vehicle towing in Minot, ND.